Mature Dating: Cooking for Two

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I do believe there is something to be said for the saying, "The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach." Mature men love to have a home cooked meal. Not to say, that if a mature man is not interested in me, he will then be because I can cook, this is not the case unfortunately. But I do believe I get some extra points when I cook for a man. Just like he gets extra points when he gives me a massage. : )

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The other day I baked two pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving dinner and am now remembering how much I really enjoy cooking. There was a time in my life when I use to try a new recipe once or twice a week, but during this time I was in a serious relationship. Cooking for one is just no fun. So these days I am all about the quick meals.

But when I am in a nice, cozy place in a relationship, it can be a lot of fun to cook dinner together. Opening a bottle of wine, chopping the ingredients, preparing the table. It feels good to be a team making something that we in the end enjoy together. Eating together creates intimacy, but making the meal together, even more so.

I made the mistake once, misinterpreting a dinner invitation from a male friend thinking we were just friends. I found out within the first five minutes sitting down at the table that "Ut-Oh" this was a date. What was I thinking?! How stupid could I be to think a mature man would slave over a stove for a girl who is just a friend. I’ll never make that mistake again!

There is a "recipe" to making sure your dinner is as romantic as possible.

1. The Unique but Simple Recipe.
Pick a recipe that is unique but simple to prepare. You shouldn’t have to slave over the stove for 3 hours to prepare the meal than leaving a pile of dirty dishes thats a chore to clean up. Picking the right recipe is crucial.

2. A Favorite Concoction.
Whether it be his favorite bottle of wine, or break out the blender and make margaritas! Typically, men love to prepare drinks.

3. Some Spicy Music.
Something that makes you both feel in the romantic mood. Having the perfect iTunes playlist is always great to have on hand. If you don’t know what music he would prefer, it doesn’t hurt to ask him, so next time you’ll know.

3. The Right Lighting.
Mood lighting is very important. I know I look my best in candlelight and so does he. And if you have a fireplace, (which I am so fortunate to have!) light a fire. These really set the sexy mood.

4. Oh, What to Wear?
Be comfortable, but be sexy. I think men can be attracted to a woman in a tight revealing tee just as much as a dress. The rule applies, show your best asset.

5. A Special Table Setting.
We typically eat in a hurry, sometimes even eating over the kitchen sink. So why not make this special. Pull out a tablecloth, maybe even some cloth napkins. Actually set the table!

6. Avoid those Interruptions.
Turn the phones OFF. There is nothing more annoying than being interrupted by a phone call or even hearing a phone vibrate.

Another sweet idea, is if you are preparing the meal for him, write a sweet note or invitation and place it in his briefcase or on his car. Mature men like the sweet romance gestures just as much as we women do!

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