Love and lust, 9 to 5

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A few years back, I had a thing for one of my co-workers.

He was funny and genuine and charming and interesting and edgy and — there's no other way to put this — the man had a bod!

I know — call me superficial, but he was the package deal.

We had a good flirt thing going on and had gone out for coffee once and even a drink when we ran into each other at an event (we both were with friends, though).

But he worked with me, and the old saying, "don't get your honey where you make you money" played over and over in my head (like Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" sometimes does; go figure). So I never acted on it.

Should I have?

Sometimes I regret that I didn't.

This week, Yahoo was promoting "5 Ways to Date A Woman in the Workplace."

I dunno know, but some of David Wygant's advice is ripe for a harassment claim, or at least some potentially uncomfortable situations.

Start sending some emails to her during the day — just funny and light stuff. For instance, you could tell her about an office rumor you heard and say that you wanted to tell her about it first. You could also pass along a funny email that your friend forwarded to you. Tell her that you're forwarding it to her because you know she'd appreciate it.

Once again, keep it light and friendly. If she responds positively, you'll probably end up IM'ing with each other periodically during the day when you are both bored.


David, David, David — e-mail is a permanent record! And passing on rumors ... on e-mail? Oy!

A long time ago, I had a co-worker — not my direct boss, but a boss of my boss — who really, really liked me. He never said anything at the time, but he would get all flustered when I talked to him. Not to mention the erection. It was kind of fun to have a little "secret" at work, and it's always fun to have flirting be a part of your day.

I eventually did date him — after he quit.

I know office dating goes on (as well as affairs); I know some people who met and married on the job. Still, I don't recommend it. I imagine it could be quite of bit of fun while all's going well, but if a breakup comes ....

Mr. Bod eventually quit, but now I'm seeing Sean. I did tell Sean, however, that if we ever have a threesome, I know exactly whom to call!

Have you dated on the job?

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